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The California Junior Holstein Association

includes 200 of California's finest Dairy Kids!


Junior Show Picture Contest

Winners will be announced at the state convention!

CA Holstein Assn is a proud sponsor of youth exhibitors at

March 10-12, 2023
Results here

CA Holstein Assn is a proud sponsor of youth exhibitors at

October 13-15, 2023
Results here

2023 CJHA Officers

Presidents: Mykel Mull & Jon Chapman

Vice President: Lauren Silveira

Secretary:  Matthew Pacheco

Treasurer: Heather Hodges

Reporter: Chloe Chapman

Historians:  Layne Mull & Fernando Valadao

Members at the 2022 Annual Planning Conference in Modesto.


  Cow Camp

Each summer, CJHA members gather for an exciting few days full of dairy & agriculture education, fun, and friends.

Check out pictures!
Huge thank you to Dr. Kyle Thompson and the Fresno State students & staff for hosting!

Follow this link to view pictures and videos from


To Cal Poly Dairy Science for hosting.
Youth from around the state attended and learned about animal care, clipping, social media marketing, team work and much more.

Junior News



State Convention Junior
 Award & Contest applications
Breeder of the Future
Prepared Speech
Cow Recognitions
Folding Display
Stall Card Design
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
'On the Street' Intro Contest

2023 Planning Conference
Members had the chance to learn more about programs & contests offered throughout the year and offer feedback, meet friends, enjoy pizza & arcade games, and friendly competition of dairy bowl practice.

Watch the info slide show HERE!

Cow Camp 2023
Thank you to Cal Poly Dairy Science faculty and students for hosting our group in late July!
Pictures Here

2023 National Holstein Convention Results

Congratulations to all of our CA youth who attended and participated in various competitions!

DJM Finalist & George Miller Scholarship recipient-
Kylie Konyn
NHWSO scholarship recipient- Doreen Dyt
YDJM Finalists- Mykel Mull & Kiara Konyn
1st Place Senior Jeopardy- Victoria Paolini

 1st Digital Scrapbook- prepared by Heather Hodges & Mykel Mull

2nd State Banner- Emma van loben Sels

2023 State Convention Results!

World Wide Sires
Jon Chapman, Heather Hodges, Logan Silveira, Olivia Pacheco
Cortney Borba Memorial and Earl Graham Memorial

Logan Silveira
Bill Rowley Memorial
Jon Chapman, Rachel Mancebo
Milli Rollin Memorial
Kylie Konyn
Logan Silveira & Heather Hodges
 Merced County Holstein Club and Premier Junior
Rachel Mancebo
Junior Association
Jon Chapman

Virtual Resume & Interview Contest
Senior Division   1st- Kylie Konyn
Intermediate Division
1st- Lauren Silveira; 2nd- Jon Chapman; 3rd- Mykel Mull
4th- Trevor Hath; 5th- Ryan Hath
Junior Division   1st- Chloe Chapman;  2nd- Layne Mull

Breeders of the Future

Breeder of the Future Boy: Matthew Pacheco
Young Breeder of the Future Girl: Caroline Vieira

Prepared Speech Contest
Intermediate Division   1st- Chloe Chapman
Junior Division
1st- Livia Morris; 2nd- Julietta Champi; 3rd- Fernando Valadao
 Novice Division  1st- Emma Miguel; 2nd- Alexis Teixeira

Dairy Bowl Contest

Senior Division Winning Team
Karley Rocha, Chloe Chapman, Lauren Silveira
Junior Division Winning Team
Fernando Valadao, Julietta Champi, Eva Dooley
Novice Division Winning Team
Caleb Rocha, Max Menefe, Parke Conway

Dairy Jeopardy Contest
Intermediate/Senior Division

1st- Mykel Mull; 2nd- Lauren Silveira
Junior Division
1st- Chloe Chapman; 2nd- Fernando Valadao
3rd- tie- Julietta Champi & Andrew Goins
Novice Division
1st- Caroline Vieira; 2nd- Max Menefe; 3rd- tie- Caleb Rocha & Livia Morris; 4th- Kylie Vieira; 5th- Manuel Morris

Dairy Bowl Written Exam
Senior Division

1st- Chloe Chapman; 2nd- Karley Rocha; 3rd- Mykel Mull;
 4th- Lauren Silveira; 5th- Heather Hodges
Junior Division
1st- Fernando Valadao; 2nd- Andrew Goins; 3rd- Eva Dooley
4th- Devaneigh Gomes; 5th- Julietta Champi
Novice Division
1st- Max Menefe; 2nd- Caroline Vieira; 3rd- Livia Morris; 5th- Eric Fiorini

Folding Display Contest

Junior Scientific: 1st Julietta Champi, 2nd Emma Miguel
Junior Creative: 1st Eva Dooley
Intermediate Scientific: 1st Lauren Silveira

NEW! Stall Card Design Contest
Intermediate Division  1st- Lauren Silveira; 2nd Mykel Mull
Junior Division
1st- Eric Fiorini; 2nd- Layne Mull; 3rd- Chloe Chapman;
4th Caroline Vieira; 5th- Emma Miguel
Novice Division 
1st- Alexis Teixeira; 2nd- Leila Miguel

Congratulations to the CA junior members at 2022 Holstein USA Convention

National Champion Junior Dairy Bowl Team
Karley Rocha, Sophie van Loben Sels, coaches Dawn Rocha & Kirsten Areias, Chloe Chapman, Lauren Silveira
National Champion Senior Dairy Bowl Team
Rachel Mancebo, Emma van loben Sels,
Victoria Paolini, Mykel Mull, coach Kirsten Areias

National Champion Senior Jeopardy- Abbi Prins
3rd place- Kylie Konyn

National Champion Junior Speech- Chloe Chapman
3rd place- Karley Rocha

1st Place Written Exam
Karley Rocha, Abbi Prins
3rd Place Junior Jeopardy- Layne Mull
Intermediate Jeopardy Contestant- Jon Chapman


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